Welcome to Your New 420 Friendly Home!
In January 2014 Colorado became the first state to legalize sales of recreational marijuana. Thousands are moving to our amazing state to free themselves from laws restricting their rights, and thousands of Coloradans are buying their homes to free themselves from negative landlords.
I consulted in the MMJ industry for years and use my experience to specialize in assisting future home owners find the right property. There are several pitfalls

that you need to be aware of as a home buyer and I’m here to help educate you and get you into the right home!

 I will help you identify where to buy as many County, City, Home Owner Associations may have regulations in place that override state law. If you’re growing there are several aspects of each home and location that may affect your ability to grow such as power grid issues, water sources and waste water capacity, and other property specific items to watch out for.

You have lots of home buying options, and I’m here to help!

Below are some useful links, please call me with any questions and let’s get your freedom today!