Down payment assistance programs are a great way to get into a home with very little out of pocket! They are all based on a first mortgage, either FHA or Conventional so you do have to qualify for a mortgage. The Assistance Program guidelines vary so your unique situation will determine which one you fit into, but there are lots of options. Once you’ve completed the QUESTIONNAIRE we’ll get you in touch with a lender that can help you decide which program is best for you.


CHFA - Grant money covers your down payment and sometimes part of your closing costs, it’s not a second loan with payments.  CHFA has income and family size guidelines, but is one of the best you can use. I’ve helped hundreds of buyers with CHFA and used it on my her first home.   

CHFA Homeownership Programs


CHAC - offers various mortgage assistance, down-payment assistance and grants.  These typically have a small monthly payment, or you have an option to postpone payments for 5 years.

CHAC Homeownership Programs


There are area  and home specific programs as well:

USDA Homeownership Programs

VA Homeownership Programs


And many more…

There are also 100% financing options with alternative lending organizations that base their criteria outside of the FHA and Conventional guidelines.